Rules for club competitions are simple, in brief they are:


All comps start at 10am and finish at 5pm (Jetty to Jetty for boats and car park to weigh in for banks).


Best bag wins in each comp. There is also a prize for the best fish in each of the club comps.


For fairness, kill first N fish (where N = 1 below the fishery bag limit, e.g. for a 6 fish bag kill the first 5 and then you can choose when to take the 6th fish). All the fisheries allow catch and release, therefore, C&R can be done after the first N fish are killed and also after the bag limit is completed. (Please keep a note of the number of released fish for rod average and fishery records).


Boat partners will be sorted by a draw for each match. A list will be sent by e-mail to all those competing 2 weeks before the comp, and draw details will be sent a few days before the actual match so you can get in touch with each other and sort yourselves out ready for the day. Members new to comps, don’t worry, we can and will allocate an experienced member to fish with you and help you along. If the draw pairs two ‘newbies’ together, just let us know please.


Please don’t try and book in for everything and then cancel as this can cause chaos for the organisers (emergencies excepted). Please ensure that you can fish that day if you have booked in.


We have an aggregate trophy that runs for the season. This will be decided by the heaviest total combined weight from all 10 club comps (team comps not included) so the more of them you can fish the better chance you have of lifting this trophy.


The comps are there to enjoy, but please do not blame the organisers for things outside of their control, like: the weather, state of the boats, quality of the fish, an anchor with only 10′ of rope attached, a duff boat partner, breaking rods, losing a bag of fish over the side, having a satnav that takes you in totally the wrong direction. Come and try them, you may find it an eye opener…


Please note that rules for team competitions may vary from those above.